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21 Ways To Make Life Easier

From Kitchen To Car To Bedroom To Office, Make Your Life A Little Simpler

We could all use a little help now and then to smooth our way — check out these tips from around the web on small ways you can make things a bit easier.

  1. Drop something tiny? Put some pantyhose over the end of your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Need to slice that cake layer into two layers? Stick toothpicks all the way around marking the middle and then line up plain dental floss on top of the toothpicks, cross the ends and pull. (see Wikihow)
  3. Try “filing” your clothes in drawers on their edges instead of stacking them, so you can see everything easily. (see Apartment Therapy)
  4. Make an impromptu sound system in your kitchen by putting your iPod or music player in a bowl. (see Real Simple)
  5. Keep emergency cash hidden by rolling it and stuffing it into an empty Chapstick tube.
  6. Keep track of which cord is which with a sharpie and old bread tags. (see
  7. Remember to send cards on time. Use a monthly expanding folder to store cards for special occasions. Keep a list of names and dates in each month — buy cards when you see one you like, file them, and then send them.
  8. Buy vinegar by the jug. Find a thousand and one different uses for vinegar on — from keeping your steam iron clean to keeping your dog from scratching its ears.
  9. Save your thumb and finger. Use a clothespin to hold a nail steady when hammering.
  10. Make your pen magic and hard to lose. Drop a few magnets in the end of your pen and then stick it to the fridge or filing cabinet when you’re done with it. (see Biancolo)clever magnet pen.jpg
  11. Clean those nooks and crannies. Use an old electric toothbrush head dipped in silver polish to clean the decorative and hard to reach areas on your silver.
  12. Got your phone wet? Try putting your phone (turn it off and take out the SIM card if there is one) in a bowl of rice for 24 to 48 hours. You’d be surprised how often this works.
  13. Color code your keys. Grab some cheap and funky nail polish from the drugstore and paint the heads of your keys different colors. (see Reddit)
  14. Keep your car neat. Use a plastic reusable cereal container for garbage in your car.
  15. Who brings sand to the beach? No one. But you might want to bring baby powder on your next trip — sprinkle on sandy legs and feet and sand comes right off. (see I Heart Naptime)
  16. No one wants smelly drawers. Tuck scented candles (or bars of soap) in your drawers to keep them smelling nice.
  17. Don’t miss a bargain. If you’re shopping online, take a moment to quickly Google the item along with the words “discount,” “promotion,” or “sale” — you never know what special offers are floating on the net.
  18. Control the bags. Stuff flimsy plastic shopping bags into an empty wet-wipes container. (see Savvy Housekeeping)
  19. One product, many uses. Use dryer sheets to dust surfaces, not only does the coating pick up dust, the anti-static property helps repel new dust. You can also use dryer sheets to eliminate static on your clothes by wiping it lightly down your skirt or pants and to clean your iron. (see Real Simple)
  20. Keep your berries fresher longer. Dump berries into a bowl filled with one part white vinegar and ten parts water. Swirl thoroughly, drain (rinsing is optional), and store in your refrigerator — raspberries will last a week or more. (see Food Lush)
  21. Bye-bye blisters. Before going for a hike or run, slick some antiperspirant on your feet, especially those areas prone to blistering. The antiperspirant minimizes moisture and chafing.

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